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What about that other thing you need?

You know, Leads.

When it comes to leads, businesses are starving.

It seems like there's never enough. It's a chronic problem.
You need customers, but you're told you have to "pay to play".
As if lead generation wasn't expensive enough.

But what if it wasn't?

What if you could generate an unlimited supply of leads, for free?

Fresh leads whenever you wanted, from sources you could tap whenever you needed a new customer?

Sounds crazy right?

Who in their right mind would pay for leads, then turn them over to you? Lots of people! And, as it turns out, they're willing to share their leads with you, for free.

Some of these sources (under the right circumstances) are even willing to pay you to take their leads.

We're not talking about cold calling here.

There's no social media marketing, no search engine optimization or paying for clicks. No sleazy sales techniques.

The sources and methods we share give you access and leverage. You're able to get the customers you need, on demand, without spending a dime.

But how?

Where do these "unlimited free leads" come from? And how do you go about getting them?

The Dragnet Method shows you how.

The Dragnet Method is a powerful, easy-to-understand framework that shows you how to keep your business supplied with the leads, customers and sales you need, all for free.

Here's what you'll learn:


How to generate an unlimited supply of leads whenever you need them.

It doesn't matter if you're a startup with no marketing budget or an established business looking to stretch your marketing dollars further, this method works whether you're big or small, well funded or not.


How to get others to build their audience then share them with you, for free.

We'll show you the one specific thing that gets these sources to share freely. Try to squeeze your way in without this secret weapon and the results are hit or miss. Do it wrong and sources ignore you (or demand that you pay for access).


We'll show you how to make money from the leads you generate.

Some sources may be comfortable sharing access to leads, while others prefer to share customers. The outcome is the same but the way you get there may be different. We'll show you how to work with your lead sources profitably, regardless of their preferences.


How to use fear honestly, in a non-sleazy way, to convert customers.

Winning free leads is half the battle. You still have to get customers to buy. We show you how to do that using fear. Even better, we show you how to do that honestly and without sleaziness.


Why you'll need leverage to keep up with demand.

Using The Dragnet Method successfully means you have plenty of leads. That's a very bad thing when you don't have the right kind of leverage or systems in place.

Do it wrong and you could do serious damage. We show you how to do things right, maximizing the amount of leads you receive and the customers you close.


We'll show you the 11 buying signals customers send when they want to buy more.

Have you ever had a customer admit they have a problem, and that they need your product or service, only to hear "No" when you made your offer?

We share upsell secrets with you, telling you when customers are ready for your upsell and how to make your offer.


How the mastery continuum keeps certain customers from buying your products and services.

Customers make lots of assumptions about your product or service. One assumption in particular makes selling to them, impossible. Allow customers to make this one deadly assumption and you permanently ruin your chances at making a sale.


How to win customers when you and your competitors sell the same, exact, things.

Customers shop offline then buy online. They love when you compete on price; businesses selling the same things suffer. Customers play games with them, doing everything they can to get a lower price and better terms. We show you how to turn these downsides into a powerful competitive advantage.


How to create an irresistible offer that attracts immediate attention.

Irresistible offers are must-haves by definition. They create intense desire in their targets. Most businesses don't create must-haves. They create maybe laters, nice-to-haves, and oh-that's-nice. So customers say No.

We show you how to create offers that get immediate attention from lead sources and their customers.

So what's included in your order?

The Dragnet Method: How to Generate an Unlimited Supply of Leads, for Free.

This book is a short and easy read. We give you step-by-step instructions you can follow immediately. We'll show you our system, why it works and how to use it.

The Bonuses

  • The Dragnet Method Audiobook

    The audiobook comes in mp3 format and adds a little extra detail to the training we've provided. Listen while you work or take it with you on the go.

  • The Dragnet Method: Using Problems to Create Traffic, Leads & Sales

    Our companion guide picks up where The Dragnet Method leaves off, showing you how to deal with 4 of the biggest roadblocks complementary sources have. These roadblocks are your in and we show you how to use them to get a Yes from complementary sources.

  • Target Profile Interview Questionnaire

    Want leads from your source? You need to find their problems and figure out what they want. Our interview questionnaire shows you how to get the information you need to create an irresistible offer.

  • The Dragnet Method (ereader edition)

    As a bonus, we're including copies of The Dragnet Method in epub, mobi and azw3 formats.

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Does this work for every industry?

Yes. The Dragnet Method works for any industry that has complementary sources. These are sources that serve the same customers you do, in a different yet, complementary way. For example, Realtors, appraisers, mortgage brokers, and home inspectors complement each other.

Government/regulatory requirements like HIPAA may require a few adjustments.

Are there any risks or potential risks to this method?

None if you follow the steps we've outlined and keep any promises you make. Use your source's data unethically or take liberties with their goodwill and the risk increases dramatically. If you're honest and above board, you'll be fine.

How much time until I start seeing results?

That depends on factors like your industry, sources and work ethic. We've used this method to generate a significant amount of leads within 1 week. It'll probably take a little bit longer.

Will this work for big ticket items, ecommerce sites and services?

Definitely. The Dragnet Method has been used to sell houses, cars, movies, consulting, services, landscaping, food, movies and more. Once you learn how this works you'll see this system (and opportunities) everywhere.

What's the catch? There's always a catch.

The Dragnet Method requires three ingredients to work well.

1. A little bit of time. The Dragnet Method works as fast as you do. You need time to help people and time to give, which is what this is based on.

2. Relationships. If you're unwilling to talk to people you don't know this absolutely will not work for you. You may hate it, but as long as you're willing to build relationships, it'll work.

3. Willingness to give. If you're unwilling to help or serve others this won't work.

I need leads fast, can The Dragnet Method deliver?

Depends on what you mean by fast. We've been able to make this work within a week but you may need more time. Think about it. How often do you buy a new product or service from someone you've never seen before? The Dragnet Method depends on relationship. It needs time to work.

What steps will I have to take?

You'll have to give (mostly your time). You'll need time to find and talk with people, time to structure a plan to help them, and time to produce results.

What if I need more help?

We have 10 consulting slots available at any given time. If we work together we can give you the A to Z support you need to make this work. We can handle most of the heavy lifting and planning if you need us to.

This sounds too good to be true. What if this doesn't work for me?

What if I do the work, put forth the effort and I find that this just won't work for me? Will I be stuck with this?

Introducing: Catch & Release

We'll give you 90 days to read The Dragnet Method. Listen to the audio, read the book, try things out. If you decide it's not for you, send us your receipt and order details. We'll give you a full refund.

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